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3 Successful Social Media Case Studies

Social media case studies are a great way to see how other businesses are implementing their social media strategy. Learn from these big brand case studies.

You Need Social Media Marketing

You Need Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing. Social marketing has become integrated in online marketing initiatives and should be a integral component of SEO campaigns.

Social Media Campaigns

How Some Big Brand Companies Are Utilizing Social Media Campaigns

Learn how some big brand companies are maximizing social media campaigns to gain business.

Social Media Strategy

Getting Creative with Your Social Media Strategy

6 Tips on developing a creative and effective social media strategy including social media channels, attracting followers and engagement.

Webinar | Social Media Strategy: A Checklist for Success

Watch Madeline Berges - instructor for the University of San Francisco's Internet marketing programs - discuss how to put together a successful plan to navigate social networks, leverage established best practices and support building your brand.

Successful Social Media Campaigns

Highly Successful Social Media Campaigns

Some of 2013's best social media campaigns used humor, heart strings or variations in the Earth's gravity to harness huge results. All produced highly-desired attention that went beyond the initial social media campaigns.

Social Media Sales Funnel

Managing Your Social Media Sales Funnel to Customize Marketing Efforts

A social media funnel helps guide prospective customers from awareness of a brand to engagement and, finally, conversion to a sale. With the proper metrics in place, companies can track the progress of a prospect from initial interest to purchase.

social media career options

An Advanced Social Media Certificate Can Lead to Several Career Options

Social media is becoming ever more important to business today and bodes well for anyone looking for a career in social media. Here are five growing and evolving social media career positions.

Student shares social media training experience

Student Posts Gains with Advanced Social Media Certificate

A candid student interview on the University of San Francisco's Social Media Certificate program.  

Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing and Social Media Engagement Tips

There is an art to viral marketing and this article discuss the recipe for supercharging your social media engagement.