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Social Media for Senior Management

Social Media Management for Senior Executives

Using social media offers immediate contact with customers and other rewards but requires monitoring and care to mitigate risks that come with that communication.    

Successful Social Media Campaigns

Highly Successful Social Media Campaigns

Some of 2013’s best social media campaigns used humor, heart strings or variations in the Earth’s gravity to harness huge results. All produced highly-desired attention that went beyond the initial social media campaigns.

An Advanced Social Media Certificate Can Lead to Several Career Options

Social media is becoming ever more important to business today and bodes well for anyone looking for a career in social media. Here are five growing and evolving social media career positions.

Student Posts Gains with Advanced Social Media Certificate

A candid student interview on the University of San Francisco's Social Media Certificate program.  

Viral Marketing and Social Media Engagement Tips

There is an art to viral marketing and this article discuss the recipe for supercharging your social media engagement. 

Google+ Could Prove a Big Plus for Businesses

Google's track record of success with its social media platform is drawing businesses to their social network with numerous benefits, and driving customer engagement.

Energize and Inspire Your Social Media Community

Energizing and inspiring your social media community is a catalyst to brand awareness. Read the research and methods to your online community.

Video a Vital Part of Online Marketing Strategies

Video marketing is an effective way to emotionally connect and engage with customers. It should be a part of your SEO strategy and proven effective for increasing CTR.

Twitter: The Recruiter's New Tool

Twitter has evolved into a productive recruitment tool for recruitment professionals. Read how recruiters and job seekers are using the tool.  

Smart Ways to Develop your Brand through Social Media

Smart ways to develop your brand through social media occurs with a solid social media strategy, a consistent voice, and immediate response, while finding a way to be unique.