Sales Management Articles

Setting Goals for Career Advancement

Setting Goals is the Pathway to Success

Consistently setting sales goals and meeting them creates a pathway to attaining larger, long-term goals. Each success can be a step toward promotion or professional achievement.

Sale Strategy

A Good Sales Strategy Includes These Elements

You need sound marketing and business strategies, but don’t overlook creating a sales strategy that concentrates on closing the sale and is focused around the customer.

Sales Manager Job Outlook

Sales managers have shown to be a highly compensated professional as shown in this article.

5 Easy Steps to Become a Top Sales Representative

"Advance your sales career and become a top sales representative with these five tips from the University of San Francisco.

5 Mistakes That Can Cost You Sales

Five mistakes that can cost you sales, from the University of San Francisco.

5 Tips for Setting Sales Goals

Setting sales goals is an important task for a sales manager and sales professional. Here are 5 tips for setting sales goals for yourself or your sales force. 

5 Sales Management Techniques to Stay Inspired

Sales techniques – 5 sure fire ways for sales managers to stay inspired through organizational obstacles, customer challenges and leading an unmotivated sales team. 

Advance Your Career in Sales

Learn how to advance your career in sales with sales management training from the University of San Francisco.

High-Paying Careers in Sales

Information about high paying careers in sales including salary and commissions.

How to Become a Sales Executive

Information on the necessary steps to become a sales manager, one of the exclusive and high paying sales careers.