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The University of San Francisco Offers Three Paths to Internet Marketing Success - 100% Online!

The Internet has rewritten the rules of business, creating a dramatic shift from traditional media to a complex, ever-evolving array of interactive strategies that offer immediate, measurable results. Today’s highly competitive environment has further accelerated that change, as companies demand more accountability for marketing dollars than ever before. With this increasing emphasis on integrated digital strategies, the opportunities for marketing professionals and organizations with end-to-end Internet expertise have never been greater.

Whether you’re a newcomer to the world of interactive marketing or an industry veteran, your functional expertise most likely only represents a fraction of what there is to know within this ever-evolving, rapidly growing field. Whatever your current skill or career level you can enhance your performance with cutting-edge skills and expand your opportunities with powerful credentials made available by the University of San Francisco.

Choosing the most appropriate program depends on your knowledge, skills and experience in Internet Marketing and, of course, your ultimate goals. The information below will help you determine which path is right for you. 


Advanced Professional Certificate in Internet Marketing - 3 Course Series

The Advanced Professional series is the best starting point for individuals with limited to no experience or formal training across the core Internet Marketing disciplines.  This three course series culminates with the “Advanced Professional” Certificate demonstrating an individual’s comprehensive knowledge and proficiency across all areas of Internet Marketing.  

Advanced Specialized Certificates - 6 Individual Courses

The Advanced Specialized certificates are designed for professionals who possess broad-based experience and foundational knowledge across multiple Internet Marketing disciplines. The University of San Francisco offers six eight-week advanced specialized certificate courses to choose from with each individual course culminating in an “Advanced Specialized” Certificate to demonstrate an individual’s expertise in one specific area of Internet Marketing.

The Advanced Specialized certificates can be taken as an elective in the Advanced Professional Certificate in Internet Marketing or as a stand-alone Advanced Specialized Certificate.

Internet Marketing Courses

University of San Francisco's online certificates feature courses presented by real-world experts. Each course covers a range of critical topics, helping you to expand your expertise and get on the fast track to success.

Specialized Mini Courses - 8 Individual Instant Access Courses

The Specialized Mini-Courses are designed for individuals who have experience in Internet Marketing and are seeking to update specific skills and tools and/or fill in specific knowledge gaps. With eight individual Mini-Courses to choose from, participants can gain instant access to the latest knowledge, skills and tools for today’s most in-demand Internet Marketing segments.