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Staples utilizes Business Process Modeling

Staples Uses Business Process Modeling to Improve Fulfillment

The company’s switch from pre-made boxes to made-to-order boxes helped provide a solution to excessive packaging.

5 Misconceptions Business Process Management Misconceptions

5 Misconceptions About Business Process Management

Business process management myths are all over the web. University of San Francisco debunks five of the top BPM myths online.

Business Process Management Benefits

Benefits of Business Process Management

Information about the benefits of Business Process Management and how BPM can help your organization.

Case Study of Business Process Management+ Arizona Public Services

Business Process Management Case Study of Arizona Public Services

This business process management case study of Arizona Public Services shows how integrating BPM can positively affect a business’s core processes.

Business Process Manager Job Overview and Outlook

Business Process Manager: Job Overview and Outlook

Info on the employment outlook, job requirements, and salary estimates for a business process manager.

BPM Examples in Different Sectors

Examples of BPM in Different Sectors

BPM can be used in almost any business.  University of San Francisco shows examples of BPM in these popular sectors and how it may help your business.

How to Get Your BPM Training

How to Get Your BPM Training

Business Process Management Training - University of San Francisco Online. Learn why getting your BPM training will significantly enhance your career.

Important Business Process Management Traits

Important Business Process Management Traits

There are certain traits that have been found in successful and underperforming Business Process Managers.  Learn the traits of the best performers and advance your career.

Here is a BPM Solution

Need a BPM Solution? You May Already Have the Key Component!

If the cost of implementing a BPM solution is holding you back take a look in house for answers. This article explains how Sharepoint may be your answer.

What is BPM

What is BPM?

What is BPM? A focus on the main BPM drivers for controlling and optimizing the processes in an organization. Earn your BPM certificate from the University of San Francisco Online.