Mobile Marketing Articles

Mobile Payments a Growing Piece of the Retail Industry

Mobile payment options have transformed the retail industry and the implementation of the technology can vary. Read the recent mobile retail research.

Mobile and Social Media Creating Opportunities in the Energy Sector

Mobile and social media energy opportunity -The social energy app which provides energy monitoring data encourages utility consumers to compete for energy efficiency.

Mobile Security Tips: Staying Smart with Your Smartphone

Mobile security has become a growing concern over more than viruses and malware. Use these smartphone security tips to protect your mobile activities.

Mobile Revolution Driving Changes in Search and Marketing

The mobile revolution has taken hold with the high adoption rate of the smartphones resulting in mobile devices making use of mobile payments.

Mobile Advertising – A Growing Part of the Online Marketing Plan

Mobile advertising while a small piece of the global ad spends is a multibillion dollar industry. Here are several ways companies are reaching their target audience.

How Mobile Coupon Marketing Can Reap Rewards

Mobile coupons are proving to be a lucrative trend that’s showing advancement in mobile apps and consumer targeting. Mobile coupon redemption rates are dominating paper ads.

Mobile Shopping – Technology and Trends Attracting Consumers

The digital culture has been transitioning into hand held devices and is rocketing forward in mobile commerce as this article discusses the evolving mobile shopping trends. 

Why You Need a Mobile Website

Having a mobile website is an opportunity for savvy business owners to position themselves to reach more potential customers.  Here are some top techniques to help create a noticeable mobile website. 

Mobile – A Growing Piece of Walmart’s Marketing Plan

Mobile marketing is a growing piece of Walmart's marketing plan as they craft their mobile strategy around the ever growing consumer use of smartphone technology. 

Why Mobile Media Training is Important

Mobile Media Training – can equip your business with the knowledge to create smart mobile marketing campaigns to capture the ever growing mobile device growth.