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Gain Your Edge in the Competitive World of Sales and Management — Online!

In modern business, the industrial revolution has collided with the information age and changed the relationship between buyer and seller forever. With unprecedented access to information, goods and services, today’s buyers are more knowledgeable and have more options than ever before. Because of this, sales has become an increasingly complex and sophisticated profession &ndash one that offers huge opportunities and rewards for sales professionals who are willing to invest in their skills and credentials.

Whether you’re looking to improve your earning potential, take the fast track to sales management, or transition into a new company or industry, The University of San Francisco's online Advanced Professional Sales and Sales Management training program can help you achieve your professional goals, equipping you with proven sales techniques and teaching you how to effectively manage everything from your time, to your customer relationships, to an entire sales organization.



Advanced Professional Sales and Sales Management Certificate

Complete three eight-week courses and earn your Advanced Professional Sales and Sales Management Certificate from the University of San Francisco’s prestigious School of Management. Each course gives you valuable skills that will help you excel in any sales role, while the three-course series arms you with credentials and leadership training that position you for a place at the top.

Sales and Sales Management Courses

University of San Francisco's online certificates feature courses presented by real-world experts. Each course covers a range of critical topics, helping you to expand your expertise and get on the fast track to success.