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Success Stories

Student Success Stories
Student Success Stories

The University of San Francisco’s School of Management is proud to be part of the University Alliance Online. Combining the best attributes of the traditional classroom with today’s most cutting-edge technology and highest academic standards, University Alliance Online provides working adults around the world with the opportunity to advance their education and better their lives.

Here’s what students say about their online educational experience with the University of San Francisco and University Alliance:

The University of San Francisco’s Advanced Internet Marketing and Social Media program has allowed me to take my company to the next level. Learning from experts in social media, SEO, and web analytics has given me invaluable, up-to-date information in the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing. This newly acquired knowledge has greatly increased my confidence and has helped me acquire new clients. USF’s interactive, e-learning platform made it easy to fit the program into my busy schedule. I highly recommend the Advanced Professional Internet Marketing Certificate program for anyone looking to expand their online reach.

North Carolina


…. I work as [a] Procurement Director, and the program I am in is the Functional Perspective of Supply Chain Management. Before I studied the program, I thought we had a perfect system of the supply chain. After I studied the program, I found we are far from a good standard... I have found ways to improve our MRP/ERP, MPS, response and efficient relations, coordination, 4PL, and so forth... Now, I understand not only how, but why we do these [things].

Dongsheng Shi
Campbell, CA

…The course gave me another view on the pitfalls I experienced. I also (now) look differently at BAU work in Finance and analyze why there are problems in interaction between Finance and different departments – (there are) silo issues. Now I know what it is….

Andrey Klepikov
Los Angeles, CA

The advanced Social Media course has definitely given me the tools and confidence to intelligently communicate with colleagues and proprietors. My knowledge of Social networking, both personal and business, has grown vastly. The practical and tactile teaching methods used throughout the course has given me a firm grasp of the implementation of a Social Media Campaign and Strategy. I now understand the skill, time and dedication one must demonstrate in order to improve and enhance your chosen endeavor. I look forward to utilizing what I've learned in the last eight weeks. I'm now that much closer to becoming a Social Media Maven and Thought Leader in my industry.

Martin Duran
Los Angeles, CA

The University Alliance program gave me practical application of the BPM principles that are often theorized. I was able to put these items into practice in my current role.In July of 2011 I accepted a position as Business Process Mgr. I was given a project to “improve the processes within the implementation department at the company”. Part of the scope of this new role included implementing a BPMS within 4 months as well as deploying a project management tool to be used during the busiest time of the year when 60% of our volume is implemented.The result of my BPM project was a 10% reduction in cycle time and record year over year performance improvement in customer satisfaction in 11 out of 12 months of the fiscal year which resulted in a 10% increase in customer satisfaction.This performance was made possible only by the principles and training that I learned within my BPM class…and that was just the Applied BPM!! I can’t wait to Advanced BPM Methodology and BPM Design & Implementation!!Thanks University Alliance for a tremendous educational experience.

Kurtis Richards
Atlanta, GA

The University of San Francisco Internet Marketing certificate was the best career choice I have ever made, hands down. Within months of starting the program, I interviewed at an Internet Marketing agency and showed them my course outline. The people at the agency noticed skills that several of their present employees didn't have. So, I was hired! But, soon, that would all change. After being introduced to an entrepreneur, we both realized that my skills would greatly enhance his businesses, which included a 30-location restaurant chain, cafes, and hotel. I left one dream job for another, and now work from home doing what I love. Before applying at University of San Francisco, I had taken several online courses, but none of them gave me the know-how that would lead to career success. Looking back, I can't see how I could have gotten to where I am today without the help of the Internet Marketing certificate program!

Cayce Howe
Santa Barbara, CA

I have completed 2 courses in the program, and am finding the educational experience the best I have had as an adult. The lecture material is delivered by experienced professionals in a manner that is digestible, and immediately applicable in my work environment. I am getting an enormous amount of information, and the flexibility provided by the online delivery allows me to fit it all into my work/life balance routine. I would not hesitate to recommend this method of study, and this particular program to my colleagues.

Sandra Heit
Alberta, Canada

After completing the University of San Francisco Internet Marketing certificate, I took the Advanced Mobile Marketing course. On the day of the last live class session, I was offered a position with a nationally based multimedia and direct marketing company as their digital alliances strategist. My traditional and digital marketing backgrounds, coupled with learning the latest techniques in mobile marketing, prepared me for my new role. I'm excited to join an innovative media company; and I credit the University of San Francisco and their great instructors for boosting my career.

Gilda Swanson
St. Petersburg, FL

Very shortly after starting the University of San Francisco’s program in internet marketing, I got the opportunity to join Yahoo!, which had recently opened its headquarters in Egypt. The Internet Marketing certificate helped me land my current post as a Sales Manager on Yahoo!’s team in Egypt. I recall when Yahoo!’s management interviewed me, I showed them how much knowledge I gained as a result of being enrolled in this program, and how my learning curve in the online industry was higher than any other candidate they were interviewing. I believe a determining factor in hiring me was when I told one of the interviewers that, when I go to a client as a representative of Yahoo!, I will be on the same level of sales professionals from advanced markets in the online industry. I also added that this certification has enabled me to wear two hats: the marketer’s hat, as well as the salesperson’s hat. That, in turn, gave me an edge over any other candidate for the job who might have had more experience.

Hisham M. Abdou
Cairo, Egypt

I am in the sixth week of the first of three courses and all I have to say is WOW, this is amazing! I am the mother of an 18-month-old and I work full time. This course is so flexible! I am able to access the Internet and get work done anytime. The most I could have done online six weeks ago was email, Facebook, etc. In week 4 I started to create my own website and it’s completed now. I started my business and I am now using what I have learned from the course so far to market the business and generate some income. This program rocks! I would recommend it to anyone.

Denise Linton
Maple Ridge, Canada

I recently completed the Certificate in Internet Marketing from the University of San Francisco and it ultimately led to me getting a promotion to Marketing Manager at work. People who understand how the Internet works and how to market online are very valuable to organizations. The Certificate in Internet Marketing program gives very detailed information and prepares you to be a successful Internet marketer.

Alysha Vigue
Brandon, FL

The University of San Francisco helped me redirect my career into the area that utilized my existing skill set while providing the most current knowledge in the field. Today, I am doing the job I consider my "dream" – working as an Online Marketing Manager doing all the social media and web optimization for a growing company. Having the formal education from the University of San Francisco in this field really got my résumé noticed, and I was able to choose where I wanted to go. I'm so grateful this Internet Marketing program is available!

Sharon Angellotti
Royal Oak, MI

I am making a career transition from working in an organization to forming my own business in the Internet marketing field. The University of San Francisco’s certificate is providing me with the fundamental knowledge that will benefit me in my business.

Julie Halsey
Pinole, CA

We just finished developing a new online strategy and website at work, and I was the team leader. I wish I had taken the Internet Marketing program three months ago, as it has provided with me step-by-step instruction in how to develop integrated online marketing strategies. I'm much wiser now, and would have been able to lead the process rather than simply participate with what I know now. The course provides excellent value with huge professional opportunities for long-term success.

Peggy Hudson
Dubuque, Iowa

After being a stay-at-home mom for 14 years, I decided it was a great time to get back to working. I realized that to get up to speed on the new tools in marketing, I needed to get back to school. The University of San Francisco’s course was the perfect fit. After taking all three Internet Marketing courses, I cannot wait to utilize my new skills.

Laura Rousseau
Belvedere, CA

I thoroughly enjoyed Jim Kukral’s webinar classes for the Certificate in Internet Marketing. His excellent live classes provide the interaction and human touch that make the course feel like a ‘real’ university program. His expertise and insight cut through what can be an overwhelming amount of information for the new student of Internet marketing in the rapidly changing web landscape.

Richard Prescott
Pittsburgh, PA

I just wanted to say how thoroughly happy I am with the University of San Francisco’s Certificate in Internet Marketing program. I began with a working knowledge of Internet marketing, and ended with an advanced (and highly marketable) set of skills in SEO, social media marketing, online PR, PPC advertising, keyword research, etc. A complete package.

During the program, I paid for the entire course plus made a handsome profit as an Internet marketing consultant using the skills I was learning. I also received several job offers and landed a full-time position in the middle of this wretched recession as a direct result of the highly desirable skills I learned. I also have a book and training manual contract, and landed several speaking engagements. This program also encouraged me to launch five industry blogs, and several highly successful social media channels that have positioned me well in the marketing space. All this within six months of starting the course! The program has generated an incredible ROI for me, and the dividends have just begun to pay off. Would I recommend it? Without hesitation.

Duane “DJ” Sprague
Sandy, UT

Being a national sales manager for a top-tier company has given me a great deal of experience in working with colleagues and customers. The Expert Selling course has given me even more weapons to get goals and objectives done. One of the many things I learned was "keep It simple." The business world has become very impersonal. The email maze has taken away much of the personal contact we had with customers and our own colleagues. Emails should be short and sweet, not novels. Another key learning was to let the customers know exactly what your services can deliver, and what need your product will fulfill. The instructors at the University of San Francisco were all great and really knew their topics and discussion points. Good luck to all, and I will see you in the “sales arena”!

Bob Gaunt
West Chester, PA

Taking this online Internet Marketing course was definitely the way to go. It works really well for a busy life and schedule. I’m a single mom, working full-time and building a new business. I don’t have big blocks of time free. It is so fantastic to be able to break lessons into bite-sized pieces and commit 10 minutes here and there, from wherever I am. And the best part, I’ve been taking the course less than a week and already it has been invaluable in helping me build my own Internet marketing campaign. I can’t get through it fast enough because I’m enjoying it so much.

Judi Hesp
Mississauga, Ontario

I just finished the first Internet Marketing class and absolutely loved it. I can’t wait to get into more detail in future classes. While taking the class, I was able to use the information to update my husband’s business site and take on a consulting job to evaluate a website in development. I felt so prepared and confident about giving my opinion because, while I’ve made my own mistakes on my husband’s site over the past six months, I can now speak firsthand about how to create a site the right way the first time.

I felt completely prepared to write up a thorough report that summarized all of the best practices I’ve learned. I felt like an expert having all of the stats and facts the lectures provided. I’ve enjoyed the weekly online lectures that I can review on my own time, the weekly live lecture and its free-form/question-answering/site-sharing format, the email interaction and the workbook materials. They all fit together so well. This course has provided the excitement about my future career that I was looking for! Thanks.

Cara Crosetti
Pasadena, CA

The University of San Francisco has given me the marketing tools necessary to advance my career to the next phase. From the interactive classroom studies to the video CDs, I have gained a broader scope into the techniques of online marketing. I consider online marketing to be the key to our economic future, and I intend to capitalize on this area to educate, engage and entertain!

William Carl Preyer
Charlotte, NC

Since I began the course, my sales have doubled. Without the Internet Marketing program from the University of San Francisco, I would be just another average web consultant working for an average web development firm providing average service to my clients. This course has allowed me to elevate the discussion from web development to full-fledged Internet marketing programs. As a result, my competitors are always in chase mode and can’t figure out why they’re losing their accounts and potential clients.

Chad H. Pollitt
Fort Wayne, IN

In today’s business world, things are constantly changing; and to stay competitive within my field, I need to do the same. Thanks to University Alliance and the University of San Francisco, I’m doing just that. I’m very glad that I decided to sign up for Certificate in Supply Chain Management. The program costs much less than a degree, and I can complete it in a fraction of the time. On top of that, I’m earning CEUs for each course. I’ve been able to apply the learning materials and experience the rewards immediately. The instructors have an abundance of supply chain knowledge, and I feel that I’m gaining better skills than I would have through a general business course. I’m proud to add these credentials to my résumé, and I’m already planning to enroll in another online program through University Alliance.

Marsha Van Schoyck
Morrow, OH

I found the Certificate in Internet Marketing to be unparalleled in comparison to other training methods. It truly provides a comprehensive and detailed understanding of all aspects of Internet marketing. It has been a landmark and turning point in my career, and has helped me to become exceptionally skilled and remain up to date on the constant evolution of online marketing tactics. This program is indispensable to remaining competitive in today’s market.

Madalena Phillips
New York, NY

The accelerated pace of the supply chain course has enabled me to enhance my skills and expand my knowledge of practical SCM applications in minimal time … creating greater job security in the current economic climate. The instructors are top-notch, and the case studies really help to illustrate the concepts, providing a deeper understanding of the lessons.

Marie Lamm
San Dimas, CA

I’ve had a rewarding online educational experience with University Alliance and the University of San Francisco – it actually surpassed my expectations. I have to admit, I was a bit hesitant to enroll in online courses because I consider myself to be a hands-on, in-class kind of person. My sales representative, Kimberly Radhs, gave me the confidence to sign up. She had taken the class herself, and was able to balance the coursework with her job, marriage and children. She assured me I could do it and gave me tips. By taking the time to read, listen to the lectures and study, I was able to gain a more comprehensive understanding of supply chain management and apply what I learned on the job. I really enjoyed the recorded lessons, and appreciated being able to pause and rewind them. The weekly live online sessions were also very informative. The instructor, Joe Kirchner, gave real-life scenarios and allowed time for discussion, questions and answers. This has been a very positive experience, and I will definitely refer my colleagues to these online courses.

Denise Crump
Warren, MI

The online course has really taught me to think differently when it comes to designing websites. It has given me the ability to understand that business objectives, design, and user interface must be all very carefully considered as websites are no longer online brochures. They have become business conversion tools.

Tom O’Rourke
Newburyport, MA

I serve on active duty in the Air Force and work in logistics management, and my online learning experience has been very beneficial in my current position as a customer service representative. The Functional Perspective of Supply Chain Management course explains the supply chain in full detail and breaks down the process. You would think that one aspect of supply chain management would be more important than another, but that’s really not the case. I learned that you have to observe and contemplate the supply chain from every angle before making a final decision. In my opinion, this course is very helpful for all professionals – whether or not they’re involved in SCM – as it covers virtually every aspect of operating a successful business.

Yolanda Funnye
Robins Air Force Base, GA

Because I am not tied down to a classroom, I don’t have to say ‘no’ to any work assignments or family commitments. My son and home are in Vienna, Austria. My parents live in Denver, Colorado. And, my work often involves projects in Africa. Wherever life takes me, I just pack up my studies and go. It’s the ultimate in distance learning.

L. Illichmann
Vienna, Austria

I really enjoy the opportunity to work at my own pace and schedule ‘class work’ around family and career obligations. The quality of instruction is tremendous — I can honestly say that I have already benefited a great deal from all that I have learned.

Kenneth W.
Seattle, WA

The online class is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I can email the instructor or my classmates with questions and receive instant feedback. I can complete my assignments at my pace while I work full time. The program offers flexibility and convenience.

Yanick Leon
Hempstead, NY

After one introductory course, I was hooked; these are ‘real’ people who put forth the effort to connect and get to know the students via a non-traditional medium. I am impressed with the level of commitment that the instructors convey and how each one has succeeded in communicating support and guidance.

Virginia Nero
Independence, OH

I found the combination of the streaming video and workbook to be just what I needed to maintain focus. The lectures were easy to understand and the presentation well done by the teaching staff. Being able to work on the assignments any time, night or day, allowed me maximum flexibility with my schedule. This was my first online course, and it was such a satisfying experience, I will be doing more.

William J. Conrad
Boeing, WA