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A Good Sales Strategy Includes These Elements

A sales strategy is more than a sales pitch. It is a chance to show why your product or service beats the competition.

By Bisk
A Good Sales Strategy Includes These Elements

A sales strategy is a comprehensive plan to get customers to purchase your products and services. While it can be based on your marketing and business strategies, a sales strategy focuses on making the sale rather than increasing the visibility of your company. It’s important to take the time to create a different sales strategy for each of your product lines.

Narrow Your Focus

To create an effective sales plan, ask yourself what one activity could have the largest impact on sales if applied consistently for the next three months. If it’s not possible to narrow that to a single activity, pick two or three, then put them into action, focusing all your time and effort on what offers the best return.

Use these tips to find your sales focus:

  • Map out your client journey before and after the sale to gain a solid understanding of your sales process which will help find your area of focus.
  • Search for ways to cut costs and increase customer satisfaction.
  • Look at how potential candidates for your most profitable sales process integrate with marketing plans.
  • Allocate all possible resources to the most profitable sales process.

 The Elements of a Corporate Sales Strategy

Creating a corporate sales strategy is a multi-step process. It’s important to include the following elements into your strategy:

  • SWOT Analysis: Include a SWOT analysis in your strategy to determine your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This helps you establish important elements such as the best places to pursue business and weaknesses you need to correct.
  • Goals: Setting goals allows your company to maintain defined short-term and long-term objectives. Start by setting big-picture long-term goals then work back by establishing the smaller short-term goals that will help you to reach your ultimate objectives.
  • KPI’s: Gain a solid understanding of your key performance indicators (KPI’s) to monitor the progress of your business and make necessary adjustments.
  • Financial Projections: Assess potential results for every new business opportunity you consider pursuing and plot out the goals using financial projections. This produces important metrics like how to price your products and the number of sales you need to make to break even.

Align Sales and Marketing Activities Around the Customer

Marketing and sales activities should be designed to fit the customer buying process. Place a special emphasis on finding your target market and directing marketing and sales efforts to fit those customers’ needs, as they are your most valuable customers. Design marketing and sales activities by customer groups instead of product categories to better meet client needs.

Find a way to integrate sharing customer information between sales and marketing team members to gain valuable insights and enhance the customer experience. Designing sales and marketing strategies around the customer allows you to focus on identifying their needs and finding a way to satisfy them.

Crafting an Individual Sales Strategy that Sells

It’s important to create an individual sales strategy that’s more than just another sales pitch. This is your chance to tailor your company’s products and services to fit the needs of the customer and demonstrate why your offerings are better than the competition.

The three elements of a successful sales strategy include:

  • Display Importance: Find a way to showcase the value your product or service offers to customers by explaining how it can make their lives better.
  • Explain Why You’re the Best: There’s a good chance another business offers either the same product or service or one very similar to yours, so it’s important to highlight the reasons your company stands out.
  • Tell a Story to Connect: Bond with the prospect by sharing a personal story to connect with customers, so they see you as a person ─ not just someone trying to make a sale.

Incorporating these tips into your sales strategy builds trust with clients ─ a central element to making a sale.

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