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World Cup to be a Live Stadium Global Social Media Event

By University Alliance on June 02, 2014
World Cup to be a Live Stadium Global Social Media Event

Soccer fans are finding new ways to share their thoughts and excitement about the 2014 World Cup in Brazil through Sony’s new One Stadium Live platform. Launched on May 12, One Stadium Live is a free online service that collects conversations and articles from Twitter, Facebook and Google+ in one online interface. Fans wishing to follow the news and excitement of the World Cup, in the run-up to and during the event, can monitor and participate in the conversation from one central themed website.

Created for Sony by digital marketing firm Isobar UK, One Stadium Live will serve as a complement to broadcasts of matches around the world. Isobar CEO Nick Bailey has described the website as “a social broadcast channel for football [soccer].” While the website will not broadcast matches, it will focus on online conversations the matches spark throughout the month-long event. The goal is to allow fans from around the world to tune in and connect to those with similar interests and ideas in real-time, whether through desktop, tablet or mobile interfaces.

One Stadium Live is built around advanced language analysis technology that can look at user tweets beyond simply tracking keywords. Instead, the system learns to recognize text patterns to understand the full meaning of a comment. One Stadium Live can then categorize the comment by topic and language and then group users according to their developing interests. To streamline the conversation, One Stadium Live is also designed to filter out bots and retweets.

One Stadium Live will rely on 24-hour moderators in London to promote the most interesting and relevant conversations to the foreground of the site. These moderators will also publish ongoing match statistics, schedules and background information on players to further inform conversation participants. This information will be available in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Japanese. To ensure appropriate content for fans of all ages, the editorial team will filter out any profanity or hurtful remarks.

With One Stadium Live, Sony has delivered a new and engaging way for soccer fans around the world to meet and discuss this important event. During the last World Cup in 2010, over 2 billion viewers tuned in to watch the matches. According to Isobar, Twitter and Facebook usage has more than tripled since. The growth in social media connectivity should provide a large pool of potential conversations for One Stadium Live to start.

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