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[InfoGraphic] Soaring Social

By Bisk


Using Social Media as a Share of Your Online Marketing Strategy

The marketing benefits of social media make it compelling to institute into an online marketing strategy.

Social media has evolved into active engagement with the consumer and has shown to increase a business’s exposure, improve search rankings, generate leads and grow business partnerships. As stated below, 40% of businesses who engage in social media have seen an increase in sales.

soaring infographic content
Infographic by the University of San Francisco, earn your > Internet Marketing Certificate.



Copy the code below to embed the Soaring Social Infographic:

<a href=" "><img src="" alt="alt="Soaring Social Media Infographic" title="Soaring Social Media" border="0" /></a><br />Infographic by the University of San Francisco, earn your > <a href="" target="_blank">Internet Marketing Certificate</a>.
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