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How Your Business Can Use Social Media

By Bisk
How Your Business Can Use Social Media

You’re ready to use social media tools as part of your overall marketing strategy, but you’re not certain how much time it will add to your busy day or if the level of ROI will be worth the effort. It all depends on your marketing goals and the amount of social media platforms that you’re thinking about engaging. While there are some uncertainties, you can still get a general idea about what aspects of your social media strategy will be time consuming, an estimate of your budget and how you’ll engage with your customers.

4 Social Media Strategies to Employ

Basically, your social media strategy is a blend of prioritizing goals and satisfying customers. Some key ways your business can utilize social media include:

  • Listening/Monitoring
    Every social media effort should have listening/monitoring as a platform. Delegate the listening/monitoring responsibilities out to your team, so that each member owns a part of the social media process. For example, your marketing team can monitor for opportunities, your PR team can look for ways to prevent any crises or for story ideas and your customer service team can use the tools to review their customer service standards. One person should own the social media strategy; someone who is a manager, a leader and has the ability to listening to the effort on a daily basis.
  • Customer Service Tool
    Customer service is a tireless, never-ending experience. Actually, of all the social media efforts, this ties with client relations as the most important and time consuming. Without good customer service tools, your other efforts may prove fruitless. Scaling this tool is one of the hardest aspects to achieve, but knowing it’s one of the hardest tasks to accomplish might help keep you motivated to find what works for you.
  • Client Relations
    Client relations is separate from customer service, as it includes managing Facebook groups, blog comments and other personable mediums that speak directly to the customer. This ties with customer service as being the most time consuming because customers want a friendly, warm touch. But in order for client relations to be truly effective, you’ve got to make sure your customer service is equal in efforts. Meaning, you could be a customer’s best friend on Twitter, but if you have horrible counter service, it might defeat your efforts. Spend a good amount of time tweaking this process.
  • Marketing
    In large companies, social marketing falls within a large marketing department with a lot of team members to assist. In small companies, social marketing efforts could fall on whichever executive or manager has the most time or related skills. Make sure to cross-train employees in social media marketing – it’s important to keep things fresh.

With these tips and a clearly defined social media strategy, you’ll have the ability to create awareness, increase traffic to your website and positively affect your bottom-line!

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