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3 Successful Social Media Case Studies

By Bisk
3 Successful Social Media Case Studies

Building your brand online takes an abundance of time, effort, creativity and planning. There are many social media case studies that discuss why a social media strategy failed. However, there have also been many success stories. These are the companies that understood exactly how to successfully connect with their customers and followers, while simultaneously capturing their attention to creating brand awareness and loyalty. Three winning social media case studies include:

  1. Coca-Cola

    One of the best examples of successful social marketing comes from Coca-Cola. Named by Slate’s The Big Money as the brand “making the best use of Facebook,” Coca-Cola’s Expedition 206 campaign is called the company’s biggest social media project – ever. Coca-Cola has achieved great success with tweets, blogs, photo sharing, videos and social media apps. According to Coca-Cola’s digital marketing chief, the company saw tremendous results from their first attempt with paid advertising on Twitter. Coca-Cola is only the second brand to sponsor a trending topic on Twitter’s promoted tweets section (a World Cup promotion). This social media tactic resulted in 86 million impressions (views) of the ad in 24 hours.
  2. Dell

    Dell Computers has been highly successful with their social media strategy. One Twitter campaign produced $3 million in sales. The @DellOutlet Twitter account has more than 600-thousand followers and often posts links to discounted products. The revenue generated from those links is an excellent example of successful social media engagement, but be certain you’re not reinforcing traditional business tactics where it isn’t appropriate. While ROI has been substantial, there are other benefits to social media engagement, including building a strong customer community, discovering product development opportunities and listening to community concerns.
  3. Starbucks

    Last year, Starbucks Coffee promoted a free pastry day via Facebook and Twitter, driving more than one million people to their stores. Clearly a huge success, Starbucks was able to generate huge digital buzz that drove customers to visit stores in massive amounts. Additionally, Starbucks has used Facebook to promote their tax day green initiative to get customers to bring in their own tumblers in exchange for free coffee. Also, their MyStarbucks Idea on Twitter has generated more than 80,000 ideas.

These social media case studies highlight some of the best ROI examples to date. Through a comprehensive social media strategy, you’ll reap additional benefits including better customer experiences, increased brand awareness and lower support costs. Knowing exactly how and where to start is the key to social marketing success.


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