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Internet Marketing Training

By Bisk
Internet Marketing Training

The Internet has forever changed the face of business, marketing and how we communicate. To that end, Internet marketing training has become essential to all interactive marketers across the globe. As of June 2010, reports that nearly 2 billion people around the world are using the Internet, with over 75% of North Americans being Internet users. These numbers continue to grow exponentially and make effective Internet marketing practices even more important.

The Marketing Metamorphosis

Over the years, there’s been a dramatic shift from traditional media to a complex, ever-evolving array of interactive strategies that offer immediate, measurable results. Today’s turbulent economy has further accelerated that change, as companies demand more accountability for marketing dollars than ever before. With this increasing emphasis on integrated digital strategies, the need for end-to-end Internet marketing training and expertise has never been greater. This need is underscored by the industry’s inherent challenges:

  • Lack of qualified candidates for digital marketing positions
  • No standardization of interactive marketing training
  • Difficulties in recruiting and retaining experienced staff
  • Inability to evaluate a candidate’s baseline knowledge and experience

A Student Discusses the Internet Marketing Training

Chad Pollitt, a U.S. army veteran had enrolled and completed the Advanced Internet Marketing Certificate. Chad was working in the industry during his course work and had sold websites, managed his accounts, performed SEO, wrote web copy, and trained his clients on Multimedia. Shortly after completing his certificate he was promoted to Director of Inbound Marketing for his company.

His biggest surprise was the interaction with both the faculty and other students. Being the course was soley online his inital expectations was that he would be alone throughout the course.  

Chad had done some research on schools teaching Internet marketing training before deciding on the University of San Francisco. He found one other school besides San Francisco that was acceptable to him. The other school's program would have taken years to complete and didn't meet his goals. He is happy with the outcome and the progression of his career since finishing the course. 

Chad Pollitt interview

Effective Internet Marketing Training

As the world of marketing has moved from traditional to digital media, a growing need for end-to-end Internet marketing training has become clear. The first and only online certificate program to fulfill this great need is offered by the University of San Francisco. USF’s Internet marketing program provides comprehensive Internet marketing training and respected credentials that enable marketing professionals to enhance their expertise.

University of San Francisco’s Internet marketing training program covers all facets of interactive marketing, focusing on practical applications and strategic best practices proven to maximize every marketing dollar. USF’s professional development series provides students with hands-on experience in today’s most critical tools and technologies. The Certificate in Internet Marketing training program consists of three consecutive courses, which cover virtually all facets of interactive marketing:

For more in-depth Internet marketing training focusing on some of today’s most critical topics, the University of San Francisco also offers advanced specialized certificate courses in Advanced Digital Analytics and Advanced Social Media.


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