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Expert Sales Management

Take Your Sales Organization — and Your Career — to Greater Heights of Success!

Expert Sales Management

No matter how long you’ve been serving in a managerial capacity, whether days or decades, building and growing a successful sales organization is a constant process of evolution. As a sales manager, you’re required to juggle many different responsibilities — from building, motivating and training a team, to establishing sales goals and budgets, to interfacing with the company at large — and you must be proficient at all of them to achieve optimal performance. Do you have what it takes to meet these ongoing challenges?

Expert Sales Management

This Course is part of an Advanced Professional Certificate Program.

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Expert Sales Management offers the edge you need to survive and thrive in this demanding role, imparting skills, proven techniques and an impressive credential that can elevate you to the top of your game.

Through enlightening lectures and exercises, you’ll learn to capitalize on your strengths and turn your weaknesses into opportunities for improvement. Use what you learn to parlay your sales and leadership skills into a rewarding and high-paying management role in any department, company or industry.

What You’ll Learn

Culture, Communication and Vision

  • Proven strategies for managing multiple attitudes, behaviors and personality styles
  • Top tips for creating a strong and successful culture
  • Developing company and team mission statements

Leadership and Coaching

  • Understanding the role of a leader
  • Best coaching strategies
  • Characteristics of great coaches
  • Effective leadership methods
  • Use of storytelling to lead, inspire and motivate

Tactical Versus Strategic Management

  • Setting short- and long-term goals
  • Optimal coaching approaches for tactical and strategic situations
  • Tool: 30/15/5 model
  • Leadership perspectives: team, company and customers

Sales Team Assessments

  • Proven methods for accurately measuring and evaluating team members' performance to increase results
  • Identifying resource needs and planning for future performance

Delegation and Time Management

  • Empowerment through delegation: building a self-sustaining team
  • Four types of delegating managers: directing, influential, supportive and contemplative
  • Deciding what tasks to delegate
  • Time management: developing short-term wins
  • Managing information efficiently

Motivating Your Sales Organization

  • Understanding key motivators and maximizing sales momentum
  • Psychology of sales:
    • Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
    • Herzberg model
  • Rewards and recognition: motivating your team through internal competition
  • Developing employees through a “learn-and-grow” strategy for long-term results

Teamwork, Team-Building and Mentoring

  • Essential teamwork, team-building and mentoring strategies
  • Focusing your time in the right areas
  • Developing and instilling confidence and trust in your sales team
  • Establishing a mentor program

Putting It All Together

  • Putting new tools, techniques and concepts into action
  • Culture first: building for the future; people, processes and resources
  • Self-development: 360 degrees of coaching
    • Creating an environment of trust and openness
    • Determining where to obtain feedback on your performance
    • Identifying who should be involved in the discussion and analysis
  • Life balance: family, self and work

Who Should Register?

This eight-week, 100% online course helps participants become more effective and successful managers and positions them for advancement into executive-level roles. Students who have completed the Expert Sales and Transitioning to Sales Managementcourses will receive a Advanced Professional Sales and Sales Management Certificate after finishing this course.