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Advanced Search Engine Marketing

Drive Business With Advanced Search Engine Marketing Training!


Advanced Search Engine Marketing Certificate

Search engine optimization and pay per click advertising — among the most effective customer acquisition tools — form the cornerstone of a successful search strategy. Advanced Search Engine Marketing takes your knowledge of this critical field to a higher level, empowering you with practical, hands-on skills you can put to work immediately. Whether you want to build an in-house search engine marketing team or strengthen your ability to launch and manage a PPC campaign, you’ve come to the right place. 


Advanced Search Engine Marketing covers everything from understanding website SEO tactics and implementation techniques to leveraging PPC strategies for campaigns on each of the major PPC search engines. In addition to learning site architecture, link building and other advanced SEO tactics, you will learn common pitfalls to avoid, such as "black hat" techniques and failing to develop a long-term content strategy. The course’s innovative format features a balanced mix of video-based lectures that you can pause and rewind to reinforce key search engine marketing concepts, plus live class time to address up-to-the-minute SEO optimization and PPC advertising developments. Case studies showcase real-world application, highlighting a variety of recent successes and failures. Upon completion of this advanced SEO and PPC training course, you will be prepared to pass the Google AdWords certification exam.

This course is also available as an elective in the Advanced Professional Internet Marketing Certificate.

What You’ll Learn

SEO Architecture

  • Essential technology fundamentals
  • Key navigation and linking principles
  • Sitemap best practices
  • Putting the crawling tool to work for you
  • Google webmaster tools from A to Z
  • How to use the Bing webmaster tool

SEO Content and Link Building Core Concepts

  • Secrets to effective titles and descriptions
  • Must-know social media concepts
  • Winning strategies for keywords and alt tags
  • Can’t-miss content rules
  • Fundamental link-building concepts
  • Local search dos and don’ts

SEO Content and Link Building Advanced Topics

  • Proven ways to leverage press releases
  • Can’t-miss strategies for link bait and link buys
  • Protecting yourself from rogue SEO and black hat tactics
  • Getting the most from SEO tools
  • Inspired methods for employing link and position tracking
  • Dynamic personalized search techniques

Social Media & Other Search Topics

  • Using social media for link building
  • Effective video and mobile optimization strategies
  • Leveraging other types of social sites
  • Employing optimal international SEO methods
  • Indispensable practices for reputation management
  • Top reasons and tested ways to monitor industry news

Advanced PPC Concepts

  • Superior bidding and keyword strategies
  • Critical role of search re-targeting
  • Must-have methods of tracking video/mobile PPC ROI
  • Vital tactics for successful geo targeting
  • Timely landing page optimization techniques
  • The growing importance of content networks

Advanced Google AdWords

  • Everything you need to know about Google AdWords
  • Functionality, interface and reporting secrets of Google AdWords Editor
  • Successfully using Conversion Optimizer and Website Optimizer
  • Winning strategies for conversion tracking
  • Leveraging Google Analytics
  • Importing Google AdWords campaigns to Yahoo or Bing

Yahoo and Bing PPC

  • Making the most of Yahoo’s search marketing desktop beta
  • Understanding the Yahoo agency interface
  • Navigating Microsoft Adcenter (Bing)
  • Using Bing specialty tools such as Excel plug-ins
  • Applying paid bid management tools/services
  • Exploring other types of PPC advertising (Stumble Upon, ad networks, social media)

Case Studies Tracking/Testing

  • Understanding SEO KPIs
  • Effectively implementing A/B testing
  • Invaluable practices for measuring SEO ROI
  • SEO failures — site penalties & redesigns
  • SEO success — steady growth strategies
  • Creative PPC campaigns revealed

Who Should Register?

The University of San Francisco’s 100% online advanced search engine marketing training is designed for website owners and professionals in marketing agencies or corporate marketing departments who want to enhance their skills in the high-demand, high-reward fields of search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising. Building upon the SEO, SEM and PPC topics covered in the Professional Internet Marketing Certificate or Advanced Professional Internet Marketing Certificate programs, this course is ideal for SEO managers and executives, content writers and account managers. PPC campaign managers and supporting team members will also benefit, as will CMOs, webmasters, media buyers, brand managers and entrepreneurs.