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Advanced Email Marketing

Increase Your Direct Marketing ROI With Advanced Email Marketing Training!


Advanced Email Marketing Certificate

Email marketing offers the opportunity to reach millions at a relatively low cost, and delivers the highest ROI of all direct marketing channels. In fact, for every $1 spent, $44.25 is the average return on email marketing investment.*


But if your emails don’t reach their destination, entice readers to open and click, or drive conversions, you’re wasting your time and money.

Discover how to develop highly effective email campaigns that break through the clutter and drive results with Advanced Email Marketing. The University of San Francisco's expert instructors reveal how to increase deliverability, improve response rates and enhance your sender reputation, while avoiding legal pitfalls. In just eight weeks, this 100% online, advanced specialized certificate course will equip you with practical skills and a valuable credential that validates your expertise in advanced email tactics and strategies.

This course is also available as an elective in the Advanced Professional Internet Marketing Certificate.

What You’ll Learn

Introduction to Email Marketing

  • Email marketing essentials and effective strategies for deliverability
  • Inbound email as a marketing tool
  • Integrating email with social media
  • Email marketing myths and best practices

The Email Foundation

  • Secrets to successful B2B email marketing
  • Mapping email strategy to sales cycle stages
  • Top tips for increasing response rates
  • Optimizing your offer strategy, managing lists, nurturing leads and tracking performance

Email Design and Functionality

  • Multi-part messages: HTML and text
  • White lists, black lists and other considerations
  • Email for mobile phones
  • Selecting the right software platform for your business
  • Developing and managing the RFP process

Email Deployment

  • Setting goals and ROI tracking
  • Key strategies for multi-variate and landing page testing
  • Email broadcast checklist
  • Best practices for sending a correction email

Email Marketing Analytics

  • Retargeting campaigns and trigger campaigns
  • Effective copywriting and design techniques for email
  • Personalization, rich media and graphics
  • Key factors impacting open rates, click-through rates and hard bounce vs. soft bounce

Email Optimization and Testing

  • Reducing unsubscribe requests
  • Optimizing for deliverability, open rates, click-through rates and conversion
  • Dashboard and trend analysis
  • Targeting links and deep linking

Email Marketing Laws and Ethics

  • CAN-SPAM, COPPA and state email laws
  • Email privacy and database security
  • Safe harbor policies and international emails
  • Following proper unsubscribe procedures

Multipurpose Emails and Case Studies

  • E-newsletters and online surveys
  • Viral email campaigns and Web/email 3.0
  • In-store offers and coupon delivery
  • Deliverability, reputation management and repair
  • Relevance-enabling technologies and clickstream analytics

Who Should Register?

The University of San Francisco's email marketing training is essential for direct marketing professionals in an agency or corporate marketing department, as well as small-business owners and Internet entrepreneurs. It also contains valuable insights for copywriters, graphic designers and IT specialists who create, code and send emails; database administrators who manage email lists; customer service reps who respond to inbound emails; and analysts who evaluate results. Students should have a working knowledge of direct email marketing, which is addressed in the Professional Internet Marketing Certificate and the Advanced Professional Internet Marketing Certificate programs.

* 10 Must Know Email Marketing Stats 2014 (infographic),