The Facts About Social Media Platforms

By University Alliance

Social media has taken the world by storm. It is no longer just sharing thoughts and ideas with one another; social media platforms allow the creation and exchange of user generated content, which is the ability to transform broadcast media monologues into a social media dialogues. Through social media, consumers have the ability to shape the retail landscape, connect with loved ones and participate in global humanitarian efforts.

Navigating the social media landscape can be challenging. It is vast and allows for anyone to participate. There are some social media websites that clearly stand out amongst the sea of contenders. But which platform is right for your business? Here are some startling facts that might help you determine your best course for launching a social media marketing strategy.

4 Top Social Media Platforms




  • Who hasn’t “friended” someone on Facebook or written a status update? With more than 400 million active users, Facebook is the social media champion allowing people to globally connect with friends, family, businesses, events, causes and more. With 50% of active users logging into to Facebook daily, more than 35 million update their statuses each day. Facebook contains more than 5 billion pieces of content and more than 20 million users become fans of pages each month. One of the most interesting facts of all – about 70% of Facebook users live outside the United States.
  • Twitter

    • Twitter is unique in that it scales down communications into 140 characters or less at a time. Twitter asks “What’s happening” and immediately communicates your thoughts, pictures, links or videos around the world. There are more than 106 million accounts on Twitter, with that number increasing by 300,000 accounts per day. Twitter gets more than 3 billion requests each day, generated by more than 180,000 million unique visitors.
  • YouTube

    • This video-sharing website is owned by Google and is localized in 22 countries across 24 different languages. The average person spends 15 minutes per day on YouTube, with video viewing exceeding 2 billion per day. A staggering 24 hours of video are uploaded every minute of every day, with hundreds of millions of hours of video being watched on mobile devices every month. Like Facebook, 70% of YouTube’s traffic is from outside the United States.
  • LinkedIn

    • LinkedIn is a business-oriented social media website that is mainly used for professional networking. LinkedIn has 43 million users in 170 countries, with all 500 of Fortune 500 companies being represented. Raised $100m in funding. One new member every second joins LinkedIn. To date, the site has raised $100 million in funding.

Social media continues to grow and change – make sure you stay informed and have the right social media training to help you maximize your marketing efforts. Knowing the difference between the world’s leading social media platforms can help you better target your customers and increase your bottom line.

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