Lecture # Subject Title
Week 1: Module 1 – Integrated Campaigns and Multi-Channel Marketing
Presenters: Nicole Valentin, BA
  Integrated Campaigns 101
  Stellar Integrated Advertising Campaigns
  A Journey Through Time
  The Four Basic Pillars of Online
  Know Thyself – Product, Place, Price
  Determining Your Target Market
  Conducting and Interpreting Research
  Setting Goals
  Strategies and Tactics
  Setting Budgets
  Overview of Traditional Media
  Overview of Digital Media
  Print and Direct Mail
  Setting Goals
  Strategies and Tactics
Week 2: Module 2 – Creative Development
Presenters: Nicole Valentin, BA
  Creative Development Overview
  Six Parts to a Creative Brief
  Strategic Storytelling – Creative Planning Process
  Website, Apps and Landing Page Design Conventions for Success
  Creating Effective Copy
  Principles of Design and Layout
  Creating Winning Visual Ads and Graphics
  Online Ad Specs and Advice
  Testing Your Creative
Week 3: Module 3 – Effective Internet Marketing Presentations and Agency Relationships
Presenters: Nicole Valentin, BA
  Building An Effective Internet Marketing Presentation
  Preparing for Your Internet Marketing Presentation
  Exploring Different Presentation Styles
  Securing Agreement for Your Presentation
  Following-up After Your Internet Marketing Presentation
  Do You Need an Agency?
  Agency Types
  Selecting an Agency
Week 4: Module 4 – Media Planning and Buying
Presenters: Nicole Valentin, BA
  Deciding Where to Allocate Your Advertising Dollars
  Key Terms, Definitions and Concepts
  Building Your Media Plan
  Measurement Standards
  Reach, Frequency and Gross Rating Points
  Goal Setting In Media Buying
  Cost Per Point and Cost Per Thousand
  Paying a Fair Price
  Traditional Media in a Digital Landscape
  Programmatic Digital Media Buying
  Media Plans, Flow Charts and Verification
  Best Practices and Reporting to Key Decision Makers
Week 5: Module 5 – Content Marketing
Presenters: Jennie O'Leary, MA, MBA, BS
  What is Content Marketing?
  Why Use Content Marketing? – Part I
  Why Use Content Marketing? – Part II
  Developing a Content Marketing Strategy – Part I
  Developing a Content Marketing Strategy – Part II
  Managing Your Content Marketing Strategy
  Content Marketing Management Process – Part I
  Content Marketing Management Process – Part II
  Generating Valuable Content – Part I
  Generating Valuable Content – Part II
  Types of Content to Produce
  Types of Content to Produce - Blogs
  Distributing Your Content
  Evaluating Your Success – Part I
  Evaluating Your Success – Part II
  Content Marketing Case Studies
Week 6: Module 6 – Advanced Strategies and Case Studies
Presenters: Madeline Berges BS
Jim Kukral, BS
  Benchmarking – Part I
  Benchmarking – Part II
  Managing your Brand – Part I
  Managing your Brand – Part II
  How Retargeting Works – Part I
  How Retargeting Works – Part II
  Developing Mobile Apps – Part I
  Developing Mobile Apps – Part II
  Usability – Part I
  Usability – Part II
  Building A Platform
  Podcasting – Part I
  Podcasting – Part II
  Engagement vs. Traffic
  Making Money Online – Part I
  Making Money Online – Part II
Week 7: Module 7 – More Advanced Strategies and Case Studies
Presenters: Jim Kukral, BS
  Tapping Into The Power of User Generated Content (UGC)
  Marketing with Pinterest
  Marketing with LinkedIn
  B2B Marketing
  Influencer Marketing
  Landing Pages & Sales Funnels
  The New Rules of Self-Publishing
  Advertising on Social Media
  Building True Fans
  Webinars and Live Events
  Optimizing YouTube Videos
  Instagram Marketing
Week 8: Module 8 – Trends in Digital Marketing
Presenters: Joshua Murdock, MA
  Internet of Things
  Augmented Reality
  Big Data
  Mobile Payments
  Visual Content
  Brands as Media Companies
  MultiScreen Experiences
  Social Business
  Post-PC World