Advanced Social Media

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Advanced Social Media Certificate

In July, 2012, Americans spent a whopping 121 billion minutes on social networks, a 37% increase on July, 2011, according to Nielsen's latest social media report.* Since the emergence of the first social media networks some two decades ago, social media has continued to evolve and offer consumers around the world new and meaningful ways to engage with the people, events and brands that matter to them.**


As social media continues to explode, conversations with – and about – individuals and businesses are taking place instantaneously on a global platform. This unprecedented intimacy, immediacy and reach are changing the very nature of company/customer relationships, creating virtually limitless opportunities for feedback, promotion, brand-building and monetization.

Advanced Social Media provides the practical tools and strategies required to successfully navigate social networks, leverage social tools, and capitalize on their powerful word-of-mouth lift. It also offers expert guidance on how to define goals and measure these interactive marketing efforts against the goals.

This course is also available as an elective in the Advanced Professional Certificate in Internet Marketing.

What You’ll Learn

Introduction to Social Media

  • Introduction to advanced social media techniques 
  • Social media’s implications for marketers
  • Social media integration into the  business strategy
  •  Key ways that brand informs social media 

Social Media Objectives, Voice and Tactics

  • Defining your social media goals
  • Expert advice on joining the social media conversation
  • How to  utilize listening tools to listen effectively
  • Make the connection between PR efforts and social media 

Social Media Tactics

  • How to incorporate blogs into your social media strategies
  • Blogging platforms, blogosphere outreach, and micro-blogging
  • Mass media driving to social media
  • Advertising in social media
  • Sweepstakes in social media
  • Defining your social media strategy

Social Media Tactics & Social Media Platforms

  • How to develop a social media tactical implementation calendar
  • Utilizing photos and videos  sites in social media
  • Top tier platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube,etc
  • Using social media to seed your email lists
  • Instagram for brands versus personal

Setting Up Tools

  • How to get your business checking-in
  • Setting up accounts on second tier platforms
  • Promoting social media pages in other media
  • Social commerce implementation
  • International social media channels
  • Best social media listening and management tools
  • Creating positive chatter in social media
  • Linking social media accounts
  • Utilizing discussion boards and social groups

Metrics, Measurement and Evaluation

  • Defining key terms in social media 
  • Establishing goals and key tracking metrics
  • Free social media measurement tools
  • Benefits of popular and custom URL shorteners
  • Calculating acquisition costs and hard ROI from social media
  • Creating customized campaign performance reports

Social Media Case Studies

  • Major brand case study 
  • Small company case study
  • Small B2B case study
  • Big brand digital media site side optimization
  • Taigan
  • Using social media for brand awareness
  • Using social media for direct response
  • Successful use of Pinterest
  • World Business

Who Should Register?

The University of San Francisco's advanced social media trainingwill benefit marketing and public relations professionals in agencies and corporate marketing departments, as well as customer service representatives. It is especially valuable for managers, executives and entrepreneurs, who are ultimately accountable for a brand’s reputation and performance in the market. Students should have some familiarity with major social media sites and applications, which are covered in the Advanced Professional Internet Marketing Certificate.

*Sourced from Nielsen "State of the Media: The Social Media Report 2012"

**Sourced from article, "Nielsen: Significant Social Media Growth Driven by Mobile", December 6, 2012.